Seismic Analysis

Through our capabilites and experience we are versed in seismic design.  We or our employees have conducted seismic evalutions on structures from California to Massachuets and in South Carolina.  Our evaluations were done not only for the stucture, but for architectual and mechanical elements of the buildings to provide an overall seismic risk assessment.

Our seismic work has allowed us to become knowledgable in all aspects of seismic code requirements in builings.  From things like ductility requriements in concrete and masonry to welded steel moment connection requirments on toughness of steel.  Also mechanical requirements for penthouse structures and piping bracing.

We have preformed modal analysis of structures to provide more accurate seismic loads and to reduce the cost of seismic requirements through more advanced analysis techniques.  Also, our knowledge of structural dynamics allows us to preform a full dynamic analysis for complicated structures.