Commercial Building Design

We provide designs for a variety of commercial buildings.  We have completed designs for business, retail, restaurants, religions, medical, multi-family residential and military buildings.  These buildings were constructed with many different materials including concrete, steel, masonry and wood.  Although our projects are concentrated in South Carolina and the southeast, we have completed projects from Louisiana and Missouri to New Jersey and Massachusetts.

We provide code compliant safe designs for our clients.  We do this by staying abreast of code requirements.  International building codes change on a three year cycle and require engineers to stay abreast of code development.  We use advanced analysis techniques to ensure that we understand how a structure will react to applied loads.  Based on this analysis, we chose member geometry and materials that will preform adequately, even during code required significant events such as earthquakes, hurricanes or blasts.

We also want to be as cost conscious as possible for the client.  We do this through practical knowledge of the construction business.  Our experience working for contractors has provided insight into the cost associated with different methods, materials and techniques.  We use this insight to help the client reduce cost through practical, buildable designs.