Eugene H. Brislin Jr., PE

Mr. Brislin has been a professional engineer over 20 years and has designed many structures and preformed many different types of analysis in that time. He has worked for a steel fabricator, an architectural/engineering firm and a seismic consultant and has been in private practice over 20 years.

He earned his BSCE from The Citadel, Charleston, SC and his MSCE from the University of South Carolina.  He has completed all his course work for his PhD, but has not completed his dissertation.  His graduate study work has been in mathematical elasticity.

Mr. Brislin has worked on a wide variety of projects from the arenas such as Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio to the Edward Jones Arena in St. Louis, Missouri, to renovation and seismic retrofit of the South Carolina State House, the design of the Columbia South Carolina Museum of Art.  He has done stress analysis on weapons systems for the DOD and consulted on cellular telephone concealment projects.

Mr. Brislin is a retired member of the Air National Guard with over 27 years of service.  Colonel Brislin's  military background has been beneficial in working with DOD clients.

With strong education and experience, Mr. Brislin can help his clients to ensure their investments in capital improvements or new products are well spent.